Where to Submit a Press Release: Some Advice

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Tips For Where to Submit a Press Release


Whether you're a blogger, journalist, or just someone who wants to get the word out about your latest project, there are some key steps to take when submitting a video news release template. I've written a few times on this blog about finding the right place to submit a press release—and it's always been one of my biggest frustrations. So today we'll talk about how you can find that perfect spot in no time at all!

submit to locally-based reporters.

If you're looking to get your press release in front of a lot of people, one way to do so is by submitting it directly to local reporters. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Local newspapers and magazines are more likely to cover local news than national or global outlets. This means that if you submit your story to a newspaper or magazine with an office in your area, they'll likely run it on their website or even print out an article and give it out at events like conferences and trade shows where they know other people will see them as well as potential customers who may also be interested in what's being written about in the publication.

  • Local television stations will also often air stories about businesses within its own market area because their viewership is often similar enough that station managers think there could be some overlap between viewer demographics (age brackets) within each geographic area covered by cable companies' channels! Plus since many people watch TV while eating dinner at home instead spending time hanging out outside watching football games during springtime days when temperatures rise into triple digits outside; thus ensuring plenty of opportunities for viewers' attentions elsewhere besides just sitting inside watching sports coverage without any distractions whatsoever."

look up reporters who specialize in your topic.

Before you submit your music video press release, make sure you know who covers the industry or topic in question. You can use Google to search for reporters who have covered similar stories. If they are interested in your story and have written about it before, they might be more likely to cover it again.

You can also look up reporters on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn; some journalists have profiles where they list the publications that they write for and what their areas of expertise are—if one of these publications covers topics similar to yours, then that reporter could be an option!

figure out which reporters have covered similar stories.

When looking for a reporter, first check the publication's website. If you're not sure what their list of reporters looks like, ask someone who works there and ask them to point out any names that might be helpful for you.

Next, check out their Twitter feed. If a reporter has been tweeting about similar topics recently, he or she probably covers similar stories as well! You could also try asking your manager if they know anyone who knows him/her personally; chances are they will have heard of him/her before too! Finally, look at his/her LinkedIn profile—there should be some information there about his/her work experience and background (including previous publications).

think of reporters who specialize in video.

The first thing to do is think about reporters who specialize in video news. If you're writing a press release about social media, for example, there are plenty of reporters who cover it every day and will be interested in your story.

The second thing to consider is how narrow the reporter's focus is—and that narrow focus can help you craft an effective pitch. For example, if you're writing about video games and want someone from Kotaku or Polygon (two gaming sites) on board with your project, they'll likely have experience with playing those games and understand what they mean when they say something doesn't make sense because of them.

You can find the right place to submit a press release by knowing your way around Google and having patience.

When you're looking for the right place to submit your press release for music video, it's important to know how to navigate Google. Here are some tips:

  • Search for keywords related to your industry or subject matter in the top 10 results of any search engine you use. For example, if you're writing about sports and want to find news outlets that cover the sport (e.g., ESPN, Fox Sports), then simply searching "sports" on Google will get you started. You can also include specific keywords like "NFL," "MLB" or "NBA."

  • Use these sites as guides when submitting your press release: They'll give an idea of what kind of content they publish and whether they have any particular standards for what makes up a good article/story/feature piece—which could help guide yours!

  • Consider using templates such as those provided by PRNewswire (or other large companies such as Bauer Media) instead; these templates often include specific sections where certain elements should go depending on what type of story it is (e..g., just headlines only).


To sum up, here are some tips for where to submit a video news release techniques:

  • Submit to locally-based reporters. The more local the better!

  • Look up reporters who specialize in your topic. If you don't know who they are, try searching for them on Google or using LinkedIn's social network (search by name or title). Also check out their online profiles at their news organizations. Then follow up with them via email or phone call if possible (and appropriate). This will help build trust and rapport with that person so you can be sure they'll take your story seriously when it comes time to publish it!

  • Think of reporters who specialize in video: if possible avoid submitting too many screenshots because they'll get bored quickly but still want eye candy every now and again ;), which means screenshots from other sources may be good enough! Try contacting them through Twitter DM first before sending anything else though because sometimes these people just have other jobs instead of working only on press releases ;) So please don't put all those hard work hours into something like this alone ;). Good luck!'

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