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Search engine optimization and ideal time in which it starts yielding the desired results may vary. There has been lot of speculations in the market relating to SE optimization. Different people and experts have their own personal views and opinions about it and the time it takes to start giving results in and the visitors' traffic.

Some say it takes years to months to even a few weeks for SE Optimization to bring about results for a website. First of all it is essential to get the concept of seo services new york clear in mind. SEO comprises of various strategies and techniques that are framed in order to provide a website high page rank in search engine page results like Google, Bing, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and so on.

There is no fixed formula that can ensure you top ranking in the search results, the companies doing it are faking themselves. The algorithm of Google that can give a website no.1 position is not known to anyone, as it is very secret and keeps on changing. Search engines do not keep the algorithms stagnant and keeps on changing them so SEO companies that claim that they have a fixed formula for higher ranking are not real.

Approximately SE optimization done for any website takes 1 year to few months to yield results. The higher the number of searches for a keyword, your website would stand better chances for getting the top most ranking in the search results.

But the number of searches on a keyword should not exceed a certain limit otherwise; your website would take more time to reach to the top ranking in search engines.


Websites should go for maximum number of back links. As it is always lucrative to have higher number of links but provided they should be of quality. Putting up links anywhere without seeing the quality of websites is not a good idea. The links should be in relation to the type of business you deal into otherwise it would be of no use.

You should go for blogs or websites that are somewhat related to your company's business but they should not be your competitor. Ideal back linking is a mutual consent process where both parties agree to put each other website's links for better exposure and business opportunities. It enhances the quality and number of web traffic to a website.

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Many business owners wonder if using Search Engine Optimization is worth it. The answer is a resounding YES! SEO is to be the hot term of the year. Everyone talks about how great it is for building your presence on search engines. Is it easy to do? The answer is yes, but it may take some time and persistence to get it done.

Business owners wonder... do I need to buy web development new york software... should I hire an SEO company? The answer to these questions are no, and maybe. There are many SEO tools available that are free to use. A simple search for SEO keyword tools will return many results. On to the question of the SEO company, should you hire one? You should hire one if you do not have to time to keep up with SEO tactics. Search engine optimization does require constant monitoring to stay on top of search engine results.

Here are some ways to increase your seo services new york rankings on search engines...

Keyword Research

Use a free keyword tool to find the keywords you should be using in your site to draw customers. You need to choose your keywords wisely. Why compete with 100,000 sites when you can compete with 1,000. (This is where your keyword tools come in). Start small and build your way up. It is best to focus on about 2-3 keywords per page. It will also work to your benefit if you repeat your keyword at least 3 times on the page.

Website Content - Keep it original and site specific

Your content should reflect what your site is about. Keep your content informative and useful to encourage return visitors. Intertwine your keywords in your content. Make sure to update your site at least once every 3 months to keep your content fresh. This allows for two benefits: repeat customers and you will not be overlooked by search engine robots.

Optimize Your Site

Make sure your Title tag includes the keywords you chose.

Make sure your META description describes your site. You don't want to leave this blank.

Have an HTML sitemap

Use H1-H6 tags for your keywords

Place ALT tags on images

Added bonus ***name your page with a keyword. For example, if your site is selling Children's Clothing, the page with Boys Shirts should be named:

The more specific your name, the better the optimization.


Blogs add fresh content constantly. You can incorporate keywords into your content to draw more search results. One of the easiest ways to add it is through WordPress. Followers will increase your ranking. Another bonus... your business becomes more credible.


This may be give the biggest affordable seo services in new york SEO results. Look for sites with high PageRank that allow you to leave your website link. The more you have, the better off you are.

These are some of the key SEO tips and SEO strategies that one can use to boost your web presence. It takes time, patience and precise calculations to get to the top.

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