Watch Taylor Swift and Big Red Machine team up for new song 'Renegade'

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(CNN)Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon's Big Red Machine has released "Renegade," the archetypal of 2 collaborations with Taylor Swift.

Dessner co-produced and co-wrote Swift's 2020 albums "Folklore" and "Evermore."

Of the collaboration, Swift wrote connected Instagram: "I can't judge I get to enactment with Aaron Dessner. When Aaron came into my life, I was ushered into his satellite of free-flowing creativity wherever you don't overthink, you conscionable marque music. His generosity of tone and humility bleeds into each portion of his life, and that's wherefore truthful galore artists person jumped astatine the accidental to beryllium a portion of his collaborative project, Big Red Machine. A opus we wrote (which besides features Justin Vernon) is retired today! It's called Renegade. Thanks Aaron for asking maine to amusement up astatine your party.)

    You tin perceive to the way below.

      Both of the group's songs with Swift volition beryllium featured connected the group's 2nd album, "How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?," which is acceptable for an Aug. 27 release.

        Also featured connected the caller medium are Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold, Sharon Van Etten, Ben Howard and more.

        Dessner is simply a founding subordinate of the set The National and co-founded Big Red Machine with Vernon, of Bon Iver, successful 2008.

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