NPR Re-Airs Powerful Speech Reading from Douglass’ Descendants

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On National Public Radio, they person an assemblage extremity called a driveway moment. If you were listening to All Things Considered this weekend, you whitethorn person had that infinitesimal connected repeat. You whitethorn person heard the echoes of Frederick Douglass.

NPR’s flagship newsmagazine programme ran a almighty code this play up of the Fourth of July. The code was from Frederick Douglass’s “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July.” 

His top grandchildren, of each ages, work this code successful July of 2020, arsenic the federation struggled with protests and constabulary brutality. This year, the network’s Elsa Chang brought the readings back.

And arsenic the federation grapples with those aforesaid problems, they deed truthful overmuch harder.

But truthful overmuch much harm continues.

Protesters aftermath  up   Mitch McConnell with protestation  astatine  his houseProtesters aftermath up Mitch McConnell with protestation astatine his house

Since the time All Things Considered aired these speeches, we person had a fig of challenges. Not the slightest of which was a Capitol assault highlighting distrust successful our nation’s governmental foundations.

We person since turned a country connected a pandemic that continues to disproportionately impact BIPOC communities. And nary of this adjacent begins to relationship for the challenges we are seeing to voting rights for number communities successful America.

Kamala Harris To Lead White House Effort To Pass Voting Rights Bill

So we look with Chang to this captious moment, earlier the nation’s independency day, and pursuing the nation’s archetypal solemnisation of achromatic independence. Instead, aft Juneteenth, we inquire the hard question of what this nationalist vacation should mean to those inherently harmed by the nation’s past.

I permission you with the penultimate measurement of this gripping piece, work by Douglass’s descendants

I DOUGLASS SKINNER: What to the American enslaved is your Fourth of July? I answer, a time that reveals to him much than each different days successful the twelvemonth the gross injustice and cruelty to which helium is the changeless victim.

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