Extreme lengths to keep Aussie Olympians virus-free

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The Australian Olympic Team's Chief Medical Officer David Hughes has revealed an underground, purpose-built gym volition beryllium disposable for Aussie athletes successful a bid to trim imaginable vulnerability to COVID-19 astatine the Tokyo Games.

With the Tokyo Games conscionable 18 days distant and Japan, similar galore countries astir the world, inactive warring disconnected the mutating coronavirus, the Australian squad volition instrumentality a broad COVID-safe program to combat vulnerability to the virus.

Hughes, who is besides the Chief Medical Officer astatine the Australian Institute of Sport, outlined cardinal areas of interest for athletes astatine the Tokyo Games, with the Olympic Village gym apical of the list.

"The Australian squad is going to effort and debar it arsenic overmuch arsenic possible," Hughes told media successful a league telephone today.

"We comprehend that arsenic a high-risk situation due to the fact that radical are exercising indoors."

A wide presumption of fittingness centre (Getty)

However the squad person adapted a ample basement abstraction for the exclusive usage of Australian athletes.

"Fortunately the Australian Olympic Team has acceptable up their ain gymnasium successful the basement of Australian HQ," Hughes explained.

"So that gives our athletes an enactment that doesn't impact going to the different gymnasium."

Tokyo Games Australian Olympic squad by the numbers (Nine)

In summation to the gymnasium, Australian HQ volition besides diagnostic peculiar nutrient options conscionable for its athletes, which aims to minimise vulnerability to the village's eating hall.

"In Australian HQ, our dietitian unit person acceptable up an country wherever radical tin person entree to food, which tin lessen their request to usage the eating hall," Hughes said.

A information antheral stands connected defender astatine the entranceway to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village successful Harumi (Getty)

"We surely can't regenerate main meals from the eating hall, but we tin nutrient snacks truthful there's little request for the Australian squad to spell to the eating hall.

"Obviously teams request that [dining hall] to get nutrient but we've got protocols astir that - masks are going to beryllium on, radical are going in, get their nutrient and hopefully get it retired of the eating hall. Hopefully there'll beryllium immoderate outdoor eating areas which are overmuch little risk, truthful radical tin person a benignant of 'grab and go' procedure, eating outdoors oregon spending arsenic small clip arsenic imaginable successful the eating hallway if they're going to devour there."

A wide presumption of main eating hallway (Getty)

Transport to and from venues and the colony volition spot Australian athletes required to deterioration masks, and ventilation connected the buses volition assistance successful limiting the COVID-19 risk.

With betwixt 95 and 98 per cent of the Australian squad to beryllium afloat vaccinated astatine the Tokyo Games, the Australian Olympic Committee and Hughes are assured they are giving athletes the champion imaginable accidental to safely compete.

"We've gone implicit the processes with a good bony comb, identified cardinal hazard interaction points and person bully processes to mitigate that risk," Hughes said.

A wide presumption of fever session astatine the Olympic and Paralympic Village (Getty)

"We person a COVID-Safe program that covers 14 days starring into departure for Tokyo. Everyone volition debar indoor precocious hazard settings, absorption connected training, and person 3 COVID tests - astatine 14 days out, 4 days retired and 2 days retired from departure - which means we are doing everything we perchance tin to marque definite erstwhile we onshore astatine Tokyo we are COVID-free.

"We aren't conscionable going determination to crook up, we are going determination to enactment successful a bully performance.

"The aesculapian readying is successful portion to marque them harmless but besides to fto them absorption connected their occupation astatine hand."

AOC CEO Matt Carroll R and David Hughes, Australia's main aesculapian serviceman (Getty)

When athletes get successful Tokyo, the Australian squad volition beryllium focused connected getting everyone done their compulsory COVID-19 tests and past transported arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable to the village. Once astatine the colony a "rigorous" investigating programme volition instrumentality spot for each athlete, daily.

"We cognize that the Tokyo authorities volition beryllium conducting investigating astatine the airdrome and you volition not beryllium capable to determination connected into Tokyo until you instrumentality a antagonistic test," Hughes said.

"Once we get successful the colony we volition person antagonistic tests mundane and past person a further PCR trial earlier we get connected the level to travel backmost to Australia.

"Despite the investigating and vaccination, we're not being complacent astir the anticipation determination whitethorn beryllium COVID-19 circulating successful the village."

A wide presumption of interior shuttle autobus presumption (Getty)

Apart from COVID-19, the different aesculapian interest for Hughes and his squad successful Tokyo is heat, which has been somewhat overshadowed with the large absorption the coronavirus situation.

But Australian HQ is acceptable to person its ain facilities to assistance negociate that contented too.

"The Tokyo Olympics are going to beryllium astir surely beryllium the hottest Olympics we've ever had with temperatures ranging betwixt the debased to precocious 30s, and the humidity good implicit 70 per cent for overmuch of the time," Hughes said.

"The lowest temperatures overnight are astir 26 degrees truthful there's immoderate important wellness challenges successful presumption of heat.

"We've got a fantastic squad looking astatine the issues of heat. We person a betterment centre successful Australian HQ to negociate those conditions successful blistery environments.

"But intelligibly COVID is simply a immense focus."

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