Brutal reality despite positive Ricciardo showing

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By Zachary Gates and Brett Graham

Daniel Ricciardo is yet showing signs of getting to grips with his McLaren, aft a tremendous betterment thrust astatine the Austrian Grand Prix.

The Australian operator lone managed to suffice 13th but showcased his potent wheel-to-wheel racing quality to ascent to arsenic precocious arsenic fifth, eventually finishing successful seventh spot.

It's a invited instrumentality to the points for Ricciardo, who finished 13th past week astatine the Styrian Grand Prix astatine the aforesaid track, aft his contention was compromised by a powerfulness contented aboriginal on.

Although it's a measurement successful a the close absorption for the 32-year-old, Austria marked the eighth clip successful 9 races he's finished down teammate Lando Norris.

"I'm trying not to beryllium excessively debased oregon excessively high," Ricciardo said aft the contention astir his emotions. "Obviously (qualifying) wasn't great, wasn't fun.

Australian Daniel Ricciardo of McLaren successful Austria. (Getty)

"I took a batch much enjoyment from the race. It kept maine engaged the full clip and conscionable had a bully start, bully restart. Then the defence was tricky, but it was a amended day."

Ricciardo was passed by Carlos Sainz connected the precise past lap, with the Ferrari capable to marque the determination connected overmuch newer tyres.

"The defence was tough. I was trying everything I could, each instrumentality successful the publication to enactment ahead," helium said. "I deliberation I held connected arsenic agelong arsenic I could and Sainz was conscionable a spot quicker astatine the extremity with a fresher tyre – but I can't kick with the contention and the result.

"It's evidently easier to travel done a spot much erstwhile you commencement retired of position.

"But successful saying that, it's usually a messiness heavy successful the back. Obviously contiguous it went good and past week it went well, but you tin besides get caught successful a mess."

Lando Norris connected the mode to finishing 3rd astatine the Austrian Grand Prix. (Getty)

Qualifying has been Ricciardo's Achilles bottommost this season, often uncovering himself buried successful the midfield from wherever it is adjacent to intolerable to tally a cleanable race. By contrast, Norris has proved adept astatine extracting the maximum retired of the car implicit a azygous lap, to the grade helium started from the beforehand enactment successful Austria.

But one-lap gait won't beryllium truthful important astatine the British Grand Prix successful a fortnight, with qualifying simply mounting the grid for the Saturday sprint race, which volition past determine the starting bid for Sunday's Grand Prix.

It's the archetypal clip successful 71 years Formula One has utilized a sprint contention to determine the grid.

"That gives maine encouragement going into this sprint qualifying we've got successful Silverstone, knowing wherever I commencement that race, I person assurance to commencement Sunday further up," Ricciardo said.

The Austrian contention marks the extremity of a triple-header that besides included France and past week's contention astatine the Red Bull Ring.

Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris (Getty)

It was a mostly affirmative play for Ricciardo, who finished sixth successful France and 13th astatine the Styrian race, a mediocre effect not of his ain making.

"I emotion staying successful that regular but I'm knackered now," Ricciardo said. "Having that 3 weeks successful a enactment present you're perpetually playing drawback up and I request a fewer bully nights' sleep.

"If it's a bully contention you're watching replays, if it's a atrocious contention you're going done a batch of hypotheticals of what you could person done oregon what spread you could punch successful a partition somewhere.

"I'm looking guardant to conscionable switching disconnected for a fewer days to reset a small bit."

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