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I bought a Nintendo Switch just before my state went on coronavirus lockdown, and it's helped me separate my work and home life when I'm reporting on the pandemic

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  • I bought a Nintendo Switch to keep myself occupied during stay-at-home orders just before stores began to announce shortages, and it helps me easily shift gears after stressful days at work covering the devastating impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Animal Crossing provides a creative outlet and a safe, peaceful space to escape, while the Legend of Zelda provides challenging gameplay driven by a compelling storyline and stunning visuals.
  • Crash Team Racing helps me wind down from the workday and Pokemon Sword helps me escape to my childhood again.
  • From decorating a house to slaying monsters, here's how snatching a Nintendo Switch just before social distancing orders has helped me separate my work and home life during the coronavirus pandemic.
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The Switch was the top-selling game console in March, and I snatched one up at a Game Stop in Brooklyn about a week before nearly every major retailer was sold out.

Source: Business Insider

The shortage is linked to a sharp increase in demand as a result of social distancing measures amid the coronavirus pandemic. Nintendo more than doubled its Switch console sales from March 2019 in March 2020, NPD, a market research group, reported.

Source: Business Insider, The Verge

My job at Business Insider often includes reporting on the coronavirus pandemic. I have four Nintendo Switch games, and they each help me get my mind off of work in different ways.

The day I picked up my Switch, I bought "Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled," "Pokemon Sword," and "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." I bought "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" when it was released on March 20.

Source: Business Insider

Business Insider Senior Tech Correspondent Lisa Eadicicco called Animal Crossing the perfect escape from life during the pandemic. Your goal is to turn a deserted island into a home for your character and several animals. You spend time fishing, catching butterflies, and decorating your home.

Source: Business Insider

With daily tasks and goals, "Animal Crossing" also gives gamers a sense of routine. Reporting is stressful during the pandemic and I like to take breaks with my island "job." After reporting on something that makes me feel sad, It's nice to go plant flowers on my virtual island.

Source: Business Insider

The game's social component makes it feel more real. With the ability to visit your friends' islands, the opportunities for social distancing hangouts are endless. My friends and I like to play hide and seek and throw parties on our islands. It keeps us connected.

Source: Business Insider

If "Animal Crossing" is like watching TV, "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" is like watching a movie. It's an open-world game, meaning that aside from the main mission of the game, you can roam around the world freely.

Source: Insider

The world in this game is massive. The freedom to roam where you please makes it easy to get distracted from the main mission. This is the type of game you can get so immersed in that hours will go by in what feels like minutes. I play this game to keep my mind off of work on weekends and days off.

Source: Business Insider

"Pokémon Sword" is part of the newest generation of Pokémon games. My history with Pokémon dates back to the release of "Pokémon Yellow" for the Gameboy Color console in 1998.

Source: IMDB

Although there are several brand new Pokémon in the game, the gameplay reminds me of the classic Pokémon games, leading me to reminisce about my childhood.

It's the little things about this game that keep me playing — the nostalgic sound effects, the random appearance of a first-generation Pokémon, and the wild grass fields in between towns. More than anything else, this game helps me escape 2020 mentally by traveling back to 2000.

I've been playing "Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled" just to wind down at the end of the day. Stressful or not, my job excites me, whether I'm at home or in the office, and racing mindlessly helps me transition from work mode to relaxation.

Source: Business Insider

The game has a story mode that includes several challenges related to racing, and the courses are wildly different from one another. I like to pair this game with a humorous podcast at the end of the day.

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