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How Tesla's cargo capacity stacks up against other iconic front trunks in the car industry: From Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and more (TSLA, RACE)

Tesla Model 3 Review

  • Some sports cars, supercars, and all Teslas now on sale have a front trunk, or "frunk."
  • For Teslas, this features adds to existing cargo capacity in a trunk or under a rear hatch.
  • For sports cars from the likes of Ferrari, the frunk is all the cargo space you get.
  • I get a kick out of frunks — here are some favorites.
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When you remove a gas engine from the front of a car and put it someplace else, you create space under the hood for storage. The result is a front trunk, or "frunk."

I love frunks. Mid-engine and rear-engine sports cars and supercars often have them. So do electric vehicles — no traditional engine makes for trunk and frunk space.

All Teslas, for example, have frunks. This means that while a Porsche 911 frunk might be useful for toting around a small piece of luggage, a Tesla Model S can offer SUV-like cargo capacity.

Here's a look at some of the frunks I've loved:

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The Tesla Model S is a luxurious, all-electric sedan that's been on sale since 2012. It currently starts at about $80,000.

It has a capacious frunk — large enough to give the Model S SUV-like hauling capacity.

The Tesla Model X is the automaker's proper SUV. It starts at $85,000.

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I used it to take a 700-mile family road trip, and the frunk made it possible to haul a lot of gear for five people.

Read about the trip.

The Model 3 is Tesla's small sedan. It starts at $40,000.

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Its frunk adds additional capacity to a trunk that has about 15 cubic feet of space. This makes the Model 3 into a compact crossover SUV competitor.

Porsche 911s have a rear-engine design, meaning that the motor is perched over the rear axle. I recently tested both a 2020 911 Carrera 4S and a 911 Turbo S.

The 911 has no trunk, and just a small frunk to deal with cargo needs. Yes, there's also a back seat. I was able to cram a few days worth of groceries into the frunk of the $141,000 911 4S.

Lamborghinis are mid-engine supercars. That means the engine is located between the rear wheels and driver.

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Most recently, I tested a $610,000 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. It had a tiny frunk. I didn't even try to load it up with anything.

The mid-engined $400,000 Ford GT doesn't even have a frunk.

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But it does have a tiny "trunklet" behind the engine compartment. It's exactly 0.4 cubic feet.

The stonking McLaren 720S is $300,000 of high-tech mid-engine glory.

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And it has a frunk that's more like a slot. It could hold a case of wine. Maybe.

This $393,000 Ferrari 488 Spider was incredibly gorgeous.

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And it had a decent-sized frunk! I always forget that Ferrari's sports cars are kind of big by the standards of the competition.

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