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How Wall Street giants made the transition to run their sprawling operations remotely — and why it could transform the future of work

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  • The coronavirus sent Wall Street banks scrambling to put in place work from home policies to protect workers and clients and make sure business can carry on with as little disruption as possible. 
  • The US is grappling with the economic consequences of the pandemic, which has roiled global markets and shut down much of the country.
  • Firms are starting to realize that their contingency plans might be in place longer than they anticipated, causing them to rethink tech and office space. 
  • Here's a look at how financial institutions that dominate dealmaking, trading, and consumer banking are being shaped by the pandemic. 
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The global spread of coronavirus has pushed Wall Street into a new era with little warning. 

Bank executives, fund managers, and traders had to figure out how to keep employees and clients safe while also keeping their sprawling operations running with as little disruption as possible.

Now, early into the transition to working from home, some already considering how coronavirus will change the way they work in the long run.

Amid all this, financial firms are as busy as ever. The US went from an economic expansion with low unemployment rates and stock market highs to what is likely a recession with unprecedented numbers of Americans filing for unemployment and trillions of dollars of wealth evaporating. The Federal Reserve and Congress have pulled all the levers at their disposal to quell the unprecedented shock to the economy as the majority of Americans stay home to stem the spread of the virus. 

Business Insider is tracking how Wall Street is handling this new reality. See below to read the latest.

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