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Florence woman upset over possible mistake involving husband's coronavirus test results

Glenda Hewitt, 75, said she's upset over what she believes to be a mistake involving her husband's coronavirus test results.
Hewitt said she took her husband, 77-year-old James, to Florence MUSC emergency room on March 13 after he started having shortness of breath and doctors admitted him.
She said her husband of 56 years died this past Saturday. Florence News
Hewitt said hospital officials told her they tested her husband twice for coronavirus, and each time, the results were negative.

Florence Women's Coronavirus Reports 

She said her husband had underlying health problems and he had taken a turn for the worse.
“We knew it was getting close, and we knew it wasn’t good," said Hewitt.
Hewitt also said she was planning his funeral when she got a call from the hospital. Florence Medical News
"The administrator said that he didn't have the coronavirus -- that it come back negative. Then, I get a call this afternoon from somebody at the hospital saying that it was a mistake that he tested positive. They run it twice. Didn't explain to me what the mistake was and how the mistake was made," she said.
Now, she and eight of her family members are in self-quarantine and her husband's funeral and burial in limbo Florence Political News
She said she wasn't even allowed to be near her husband while he was on his death bed, even though the hospital's policy stated a family member can be near a patient who is at the end of life.
At the time, the hospital placed visitor restrictions at MUSC Health Florence and Marion Medical Center’s, MUSC Health Florence Rehabilitation Center and MUSC Health Mullins Nursing Center due to the coronavirus. Florence Distribution News

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