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Florence District One comes prepared against the coronavirus using E-learning

Due to Gov. Henry McMaster ordering all South Carolina schools to be closed for the next couple of weeks, teachers are trying to get creative as they can using e-learning.

Florence Government Shut Off all the Schools in Florence

As for Florence District One schools, officials said they have been able to make a smooth adjustment because of proper preparations. Florence News
Earlier in the academic year, Superintendent Richard O'Malley said all Florence One school spent time using e-learning technology in order to prepare for situations like the one, they are currently in.
Some of the procedures include strategically placing buses with Wi-Fi. These buses will allow students to have internet access if they don't have some at home.
For elementary school principal Wendy Fraizer, she said she noticed how those early trials have helped her students learn in the most effective way possible. Florence Political News
"That actually helped up be able to see what students were having internet issues, what students could not adapt very well to this new process, so it really set us up for what we're going through right now," said Fraizer.

Florence  Government order will extend past March 31

As for Florence high schools, teachers are required to have assignments posted at 8 a.m and will switch from tests to more projects.
Principal Matthew Dowdell has applauded Florence District News One's effort to prepare its students and teachers.
"We have had a tremendous amount of success so far... where our students are logging in every day. They are turning in their assignments but there's nothing like replacing in the classroom" Dowdell said.
There is no indication of whether Gov. McMasters' order will extend past March 31 but there is further information on Florence District One's e-learning program on their website. Florence Distribution Sites

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